Our Services

1. Personalized Planning

Every one of our guests is special and our intention is to custom design trips which give every guest the best possible experience of India. Consistent with our panoramic view of India, we design itineraries based on themes which you would find most enjoyable. Our expertise includes travel in North, South, East and West India as well as, Bhutan, Nepal and the Maldives, under Anand T.C. Tours-India. Our friendly staff will use their expertise and knowledge of India to guide you through the decision-making process of planning your journey. Relaxation, sightseeing or just getting away from it all - India is at your service. Courtesy and hospitality are core values that we embibe in our company.

2. Unique Accomodations

Feel the pulse of India by staying in a palace, a charming local houseboat in Kerala or a plantation bungalow in Munnar. We choose hotels which offer the highest level of service, comfort and style yet reflect the unique architecture and ambience of the local region. Our travel consultants have visited all of our accommodations personally and will select ones which best suit your individual tastes and needs.

3. Expert Local Tour Managers

India is a land steeped in history, culture and tradition. Hence, it is extremely important to offer you the option of being accompanied by our personally certified tour managers or guides who will vividly bring alive the stories and architectural details of the palaces, temples or forts which you will be visiting. Our travel manager or guide will not force you on incentive-driven shopping or take you to restaurants that are not experienced or certified by us. Whether you seek independence, flexibility or merely socializing, our guides cater to your needs and moods.

4. Superior Customer Service

We look at travel as an experience, as a journey of discovery and as an escape from daily monotony. Therefore, we believe that your experience starts from the moment you log on to our website or contact our travel consultants in delhi.

5. Hassel-Free Travel

We are dedicated to make your trip to india a hassle-free experience. We can book your flight tickets, Train Tickets, Hotel and Car. These include hotel bookings, honeymoon in india arrangements.

We provide all our clients with health, baggage, accident, travel cancellation and liability insurances to make their trip as safe and relaxing as possible.

6. Unique Itineraries

We believe that one of our key differentiating factors is our ability to offer itineraries which you cannot find elsewhere. We want to combine India's famous attractions and destinations with lesser-known "hidden jewels". Many of our hotels are not in travel guides and do not have websites; but they are luxurious and the staff are warm and hospitable.


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